Thursday, March 12, 2009

Switch circuits

I will need 6x SPDT, 2x DPDT and 2x SPST switches.

The 4066 contains four SPSTs which can be connected as required to make SPDTs and DPSTs.

2 x SPSTs = 1 SPDT
4 x SPSTs = 1 DPDT

So, I will need (6 x 2) + (2 x4) + 2 = 22 SPSTs in total. So, I'll need 6 4066s in total giving me 24 SPSTs to use.

It would be simplest to make a single circuit board up with all 6 switches on but you also need to accomodate the logic invertors. The 40106 invertors have 8 not-gates per package and you need two per switch (irrespective of what type you're making) which makes 20 gates or three hex invertors.

In total thats 9 x 14 pin ICS so in a single strip there'd be at least 63 rows on the board or in other words it'll be about 9 x 20mm = 180 mm. Which is okay, as Maplin do an 81 strip board 213 mm long .

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