Thursday, July 01, 2004


Why bother.

Why not just get a sample CD of analogue strings sounds? Or get a decent soft-synth which can recreate the sound.

To a certain extent there is no point in resurrecting the SS-30. If I just want the sound I can use a sample or a soft-synth. Even my CS1x does a pretty good analogue strings.

Also it's going to cost a bit of money to carry this out and quite a lot of time. Shoudln't I just be saving that money and using the time to write music instead of just tinkering about?

Yes! Of course I should, but the tinkering about will teach me alot and the next project will be more ambitious and I'll learn even more and so on. Maybe one day I'll be able to make a living doing this kind of thing. Probabaly a pipe dream but it's worth thinking about.

Also the point about sound is interesting. Does a sample or soft-synth really ever replace the real deal analogue? It's a huge debate but right now I'd say no. I recently splashed out on VST of the Yamaha CS80 (see here - http://www.arturia.com/en/cs80v.lasso ) and whilst it's great I personnaly still don't find it as analogue sounding as my analogue synths. It's a personal thing and eventually it may get to the point where I change my mind but for now I'm saying I can hear the difference.

So that's why. I want the sound and I want the experince of doing it.