Monday, March 09, 2009

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So these pictures and videos may be up for only short time.

"some sources describe this synth as a duphonic/ multiphonic ,others describe it as a 4 voice polyphonic. I have a feeling it is a 4 voice polyphonic but the 4 voices are split between cello (two tones) and violin (2 tones) . It then uses divide down chips enabling all keys to be played at once"

Well, I maintain this is a fully polyphonic keyboard keyboard. See here for more. Essentially each sound (Violins and Cellos) have their own voice board which are then switched to a key range.

"The outer pot adjusts the overall tuning and the inner pot detunes the voices against the pitch which can produce a wonderful thickening effect"

This is interesting as I hadn't thought about this and since I haven't played my in some years (sigh) I'd forgotten what it sounded like. I'll have to check this but if memory serves correctly each note is mix of two oscillators (that's how you get a stringy sound) so the detune is just off-setting the two.

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