Project Tasks

  1. Power up and check supply - Done, okay. 
  2. G Boards recondition.
    1. Broken connections fixed
    2. Problem with G3 oscillator output traced to capacitor mod
    3. G1 and G2 keying drive wires reconnected
  3. K board recondition.
    1. Strip ends and tidy all keying switch wires
    2. Remove key mechanisms from their PCBs
    3. Attach key switch wires back to key PCBs 
  4. Tone Check 
    1. Switch each key wire to ground and check for tone out on each G board
  5. Mock-up Front-panel
    1. Reconnect all knobs and switches
  6. Check all controls and output
    1. Semi functional SS30
  7. Measure +15V rail current 
    1. Is there enough left for the MIDI interface? -
  8. Select second PSU?
  9. Connect up the MIDI interface and check drive lines
  10. Evaluate relays - optocouplers
  11. Decide on PCB solution for the opto-couplers.
  12. Fit MIDI interface and relays.
    1. Functional SS30-M
  13. Additional features
    1. Orchestra 
      1. Chorus input
      2. Orchestra Speed variable (not just slow or fast).
      1. Orchestra selection as depth (wet/dry mix)
      1. Orchestra LFO waveform - saw instead of sine
      1. Orch LFO input or CV control
      1. Pitch
      1. Voltage control of pitch (1V/Oct?) (and detune!????) (anything else?)
    1.  Attack modification 
    2. Voice selectors as variable controls
  1. PSU case enclosure and cables
  2. Drill and fit the rear panel components
  3. Design front-panel
  4. Fit front-panel
  5. SS30-M complete

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