Monday, March 14, 2005

Vinatge Synth Explorer & More Case Notes

Well, my comments have been added to the Vintage Synth Explorer site and perhaps even more excitingly this blog has been linked from that page. So, thanks to the guys over at VSE.

I've now ordered all the screws, nuts, washers and pillars I think I'll need to get the PCBs mounted. I've cut a piece of MDF for the base so all I'll need to do now is get the drill out. Previously I mentioned the four bushes fitted to the sides of the case. I postulated that they were for mounting something inside but if I'd read the data-sheet properly I would have seen that they are actually for fitting support rails to the sides of the case. Not to worry though as you can screw right through to the bushes and I can still use then for supports if I need to.

The next problem is wiring. You can see from the pictures that the wiring is something to behold and it's all been carefully tied into bunches with lengths of cotton. The looms were obviously laid out in the best arrangement for the keyboard case but now they're just making life difficult as I have a eleven PCBs all tied together and then all the front panel controls. All the moving about of boards and the years I've been fiddling with them have put a lot of stress on the wires and quite a few have come free. So in an effort to wrest control I've started to cut all the cotton ties and when I come to start fitting the PCBs to the base-board I'll undertake some resoldering and maybe desoldering and reattaching of various parts. Also, I think I'll disconnect all the front panel controls and get those wires loose until I'm ready with the temporary front panel.

I haven't thought much about the power supply lately (still need to consider the needs of the interface at some point) but once it's fitted into the case I'm going to have to put some sort of guard over the mains side of things. It'll probably just be some sort of cardboard box but I need something so that I can get my hands into the case when it's on and stay alive. I also need to get an RCD (Residual Current Device) to be on the safe side.

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