Thursday, March 10, 2005

SS30 on the web

I haven't looked for any SS30 stuff on the web for while and there's a couples of nuggets I've unearthed.

Firstly a discussion over on http://elists.resynthesize.com/analogue-heaven/2003/05/ threw this up...

From: Michael E. Caloroso ( [EMAIL REMOVED] )Date: May 7, 2003Subject: Re: [AH] yamaha SS30Jim Black wrote:
> Someone told me they were never available in the states - only sold
> in Canada and Europe. Considering their hybrid synth's came out at
> about the same time over here - that makes sense.
My guess is it was more that the SS30's ensemble FX was too close to the
patent ARP and Solina had on the ensemble FX used in their string
machines. They skirted the US patent system by restricting distribution.
This happens a lot in many industries.

This lack of distribution in the U.S. may explains why the SS30 has remained relatively obscure.

Secondly there is now an entry for the SS30 at http://www.vintagesynth.org . I've already had word about putting it down as 4-voice polyphonic so we'll see if they change it. I've since noticed that they've also said there's no filter. Well the brilliance control could be considered a filter so I might mention that too.

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