Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Case

At last another post and it's good news - I have a 19" chassis case.

After failing to find one of the right size from any of the usual suppliers (RS, Farnell etc) I got in touch with APW www.apw.com. Farnell stock their cases but not in the 450 deep version which I need to fit all those long (over 30cm) Generator boards with room to spare. APW put me on to their distibutors, Surtech http://www.surtechdist.co.uk were happy to ship me a single case for the pricley sum of £66.92. No exactly cheap but I don't intend to skimp too much on this project and will probably spend as much again on the front panel and internal fixings.

You can see the technical details of the case here but I'll post soem pictures when I get around to it.

I ordered the case sans front-panel as I intend to get the panel made by Schaffer - http://www.schaeffer-ag.de. More on them later.

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