Friday, October 08, 2004


I now have a digital camera so here's a few snaps of the box of junk that used be functioning SS30. Annoyingly some of these came out a bit blurred but you get the idea.

The box of junk.

Examining the entrails. Note the key switches at the bottom.


Pot's sans knobs.

These are the key driver boards. I've used PCB pillars to stack them up whilst I did some investigations. Originally they were laid flat under the keyboard which flipped up to allow you access.

Here are the 4 voice generator boards laid out with the 3 mixing/FX boards. This is how they were laid out in the original case except they were mounted vertically rather than flat like they are here. Check the 30 cm rule for scale.

And here's a shot of the back of the generator and mixer boards.

I've put the power supply in a case so I could work safely with the mains on.

I fitted the back panel too.

I've tracked down the user and service mannuals from Yamaha. The service manual is original whilst the user is just a photocopy.

The service manual pages fold out!

Tucked in the back of the service manual is this double-sided sheet with a block diagram.

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