Monday, June 28, 2004



This Blog is intended to be a handy way for me to document my project to rack-mount and MIDI interface my Yamaha SS30. I could have just put this in to a Word document (I've already done some of this) but the Blog will allow me access my notes at work as well as home. Obviously having it published will also allow me to share my findings and will hopefully draw some helpful comments from anyone else reading it.

What's the story?

About 12 years ago me and my friend responded to a classified ad in our local paper. The advert simply said Mini Moog £25. Now £25 for a Minimoog is a steal. They were fetching up to £600 even then. Off we went only to find that this was not a Minimoog. "Ah! Now that's not a Minimoog is it?" I said, some what disappointed. The seller looked a bit put out by my observation perhaps thinking that the sale would fall through. What he had was a Realistic MG-1 made by Moog for Tandy (AKA Radioshack in the U.S.). Well, £25 was still a good deal but at the time we had a Korg MS10 and Moog Rogue on semi-permanent loan from our high school. Did we really need this thing considering it was pretty close to the Rogue anyway and we were already pooling meager resources to get this thing. Sensing our reticence the seller then suggested he'd throw this other keyboard into the deal. Enter the SS30. We didn't know what it was but it looked interesting so we took the long term view that we wouldn't have the school's synths for ever and took the pair of them home.

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